Jodrell VLBI Technical Web Pages

Last Update: 28/Jul/2008.

Field System Computer Reference VLBI Receiver Information
Field System On-Line Manuals Time and Frequency Issues and Diagram
Linux Nanokernel GPS Server VC Filter Current Status
Experiment Band Spectra 2014+ Inchworm Control PCB (Jodrell 98)
Jodrell Noise-Adding Radiometer VLBI File Support Area
Past JB VLBI Experiment Information VLBI Reference Links
FS Operator's Checklist (Operators) 5GHz MK2 Polarisation Check
FABRIC eVLBI Docs VLBI Passband Spectra
Updates and News Mark5A Recorder
Search Form MK4 VC Upgrade Manual by D.C. Holland, Mar '97
'ancom' Antenna Control and Screenshot EVN Spares and Obsolescence
JBO Telescope Status evlbi Fibre Monitor
Session Dates VLBI Ops Intranet
Jodrell Recorder Operations Spambusting in Pine
Telescope Slew and Cable Wrap Cambridge Telescope Observing
Live Telescope Pointing Page Jodrell VLBI Webcam
Epson Scanner and Ubuntu/Debian Placeholder

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